Twisted We are fighting our way through knowing that someday all of that was in vain. I mean, memories will be all is left. Maybe that's enough, maybe not. I just don't care. I just want to play it my way not other people's way! And I'll do it for sure! Don't give up on yourselves. Don't give up on your dreams. Just don't fucking give the hell up! I want to hang on to all I have now and take it to other level! I'm not giving up cause my heart is still beating and I won't let it stop. Yes, this is a little messed up in here. I need to play a lot more with my life, twist it around and do whatever I need to with it. Every time I'm back in this so called Homeland I feel free and I just need to expand myself, let my mind run wild free. I just need so many things at the same time and cause of that I think life sucks hard much of the whole time! Fuck! The tree of life - Gustav Klimt